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Nordic Chem Qualified Installer

The Nordic Chem program is an initiative designed to promote peace of mind to a business’ occupants and speed up the return to normal operation and profitability during and post-pandemic.

After installation of the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating by an approved installer, businesses are eligible to enter the Nordic Chem registry.

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Nordic Chem’s focus is to restore businesses to normal operation and profitability. We not only supply the most advanced technology for the long-term protection of your premises but also help businesses demonstrate their initiative.


The coating and initiative is applied by trained professionals and our team at HQ is ready and willing to adapt and fulfill the needs of each business.

Returning to business one step ahead!

Business Benefits:

Using an antimicrobial inhibitor like Nordic Chem create a healthier environment for you, your patients, clients and patrons, without the use of harmful chemicals.


This protection provides people with peace of mind and restore confidence in your business premises.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind to you, your staff and your clients that they are in a healthy environment.



No harsh chemicals

All our products are environmentally friendly, and water based. This means there are no side-effects for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases.


Restore normal working

Coronavirus has turned our world upside down, from lock downs to reduced opening hours businesses are trying to claw back any revenue they can at this time.

Restore your customers confidence

Restore former levels of customer safety and confidence by letting them know you are taking every precaution when it comes to safeguarding their health.


Beat your competitors

Demonstrate how much you care about your clients by installing our COVID-19 Business Program, cleaner, safer and healthier environments mean happy customers that keep coming back for more.