90 Day Antimicrobial Protection Program

Protect your business against the effects of Corona virus

How the Nordic Chem
 90 day scheme works

The Nordic Chem program is an initiative designed to promote peace of mind to a business’ occupants and speed up the return to normal operation and profitability during and post-pandemic.

After installation of the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating by an approved installer, businesses are eligible to enter the Nordic Chem registry


How our 90 day scheme works

The purpose of the Nordic Chem Initiative is to help businesses communicate the measures

they have taken to reduce viral and bacterial surface contamination.


The initiative is implemented by Nordic Chem approved installers who report back to the Nordic Chem HQ after the completion of a surface treatment for a premises.

After the installation of the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating, the business owner of the premises is entitled to the following as an ongoing free service:

1 Awareness

Awareness certificates to be placed in the premises.

2 Online Banner

An online banner which links to a technology page and can be placed on the business’ website or social media channels. It is designed to educate the visitors on the surface protection measures your business has taken.

3 Full Support

7 days per week phone and email customer support provided to the business and its occupants.


Food service & hospitality


Hotels and Waiting Rooms

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Gyms and Leisure centres

Man spraying offices.png

Corporate offices

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Public and Private Transport

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Commercial Premises