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Antimicrobial Spraying Services for Birmingham, Worcester and UK wide

Helping your business survive the coronavirus.

Antimicrobial Spraying Service

A healthy, germ-free work environment is one of the best protections from the spread of contagious disease. With many concerned about the spread of coronavirus, Premium Coatings Environmental is now offering a powerful, long lasting commercial disinfecting service. During these uncertain times, we are here to help. Enquire about our antimicrobial spraying services today.


How does it work?


What does Antimicrobial mean?

Understand the science and technology behind Nordic Chem's specialist 30 day antimicrobial formula.

Who we help


Food service & hospitality

 Premium Coatings Environmental antimicrobial surface protection solutions are safe to use in the food service and hospitality industries.

Hotels and waiting rooms

Communal, high traffic areas will benefit from our antimicrobial surface protection, door handles and hand rails, tables and hard surfaces and even sofas and soft furnishings.

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Corporate offices

 Premium Coatings Environmental provides surface protection solutions that are environmentally friendly and are suitable for both hard and soft surfaces.

Public and Private Transport

Whether you're an airline, local transport fleet, hauliers, or local taxi firm. We can help get your fleet moving again!

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Commercial premises

 We provide antivirus protection across a range of industries, private entities and manufacturers.

Gyms and Leisure Centres

 Get the Great British public moving again. All leisure industries can benefit from our Business Covid-19 Program.


Sprayers You Can Trust

Our Nordic Chem approved installers all have full accreditation and training. 

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